sharing blessings

I believe that blessings are meant to be shared.  I have been blessed in my life in many ways,
and although I own a small business, I recognize that there is more to business than just the bottom line.

I donate 10% of my profits to various charitable organizations,
including Friends for Life, Matthew’s Crossing, Show Mercy and Compassion.  

In the past I have donated items and/or produced products to a number of organizations,
and always work to keep the cost down on items used as fundraisers.

I would consider it a privilege to get to know the story behind your charity and work with you on your project!

Below is a list of just some of the other organizations I have worked with or donated my products to in the past:

Cops on Top/screen printing t-shirts

Autism Walks/screen printing t-shirts

Childhood Arthritis Walk/screen printing t-shirts

PREVENTCHILDABUSE.US/screen printing t-shirts

and various other organizations.